Demo Version

We are happy to provide you a demo version. The demo version is a live version that works just the same as the full version. Once you have decide to use Raceday 2.0 and purchased your copy thur we will email you a license key and the instructions on how to install the key. You are then set to go and the demo converet to a full version of the software.

Demo Version  (link to follow shortly)

Test Athlete Files: Here are two athlete files that were create thru’s download process. You can use these to import into RaceDay 2.0. The Demo version allows for a total of 8 athletes to be imported. Each of the test files has two categories with 3 riders in each, this will allow you to add two riders thru the onsite registration process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. There are a lot of supporting documents in the Resource Center

Single Day or Stage Race Athlete File

Omnium Athlete File

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